I placed an order on your website, but did not receive a confirmation so I ordered again. Will I be charged multiple times?

If you completed your order multiple times (even without receiving a confirmation), it is possible that multiple charges were processed.  

If this is the case, please submit a support request and one of our agents will issue credits for any duplicate charges to your credit card.


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    Thomas McKinney

    I ordered through your website a few days ago for the 30 day cash flow blueprint. The first two times I tried to order I accidentally inputed my information in incorrectly. The third time I tried it was entered correctly, but my account shows that I was charged for three transactions and it has caused my account to overdraft. I have called in multiple times and have left multiple messages but can't seem to get anyone to contact me back. Please can you help me resolve this issue and credit my account for the two transactions that were charged to my account by mistake.

    Thanks and you can also contact me at...

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    Darren Morgan

    I have the same problem as the buy above.  They charged me twice.  Once at 10am, once at 6pm.  If the charge goes through, then, they should generate an email saying so, but they didn't.  I got one after the second attempt.

    Please credit back ASAP.

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    Aliya Altynbek

    Hi, I've tried to pay for Mentors club via paypal first, but couldn't then via my credit card. Then I found that I was charged twice for one product. So please return me back my payment?

    Contact me ASAP, 

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    Elias Barber

    Hi, I made the purchase and got the invoice (invoice number 108834) but I have yet to receive an email with the password information. Is there anything you can do about that? Thank you


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